Jesus Overcomes Evil

Jesus Overcomes Evil

Demon-possession: such a foreign, almost ‘Bible-times-only’ concept for the Western mind. I remember reading story about demon possession in the Frontiers magazine published by AFM (sign up for a free subscription–you won’t be disappointed). To be honest, it really made me uncomfortable. What would it be like to see? How do people handle it? 

In the few years I’ve been here, several people I know have experienced demon possession. Their stories are very real:

Noy didn’t know anything about Christianity until she became demon possessed. Her body writhed; her eyes wouldn’t settle. The demon spoke through her saying she wanted to eat her infant daughter. Seven different witch doctors were called but none could help her. As a last resort, her family allowed their Christian friend to call the pastors. As the pastors traveled to the home, the demon spoke through her saying, “The people who are going to help you are on their way.” 

The pastors arrived and sat around her to pray and sing. She quickly turned away from them as if hiding from them and their message. The demon again spoke through her asking if they had seen his other demon friends along the road as they had come.  After several hours of prayer and song and many weeks of Christians sleeping at the home, Noy has recovered. She and her family have become a model family for love and respect as well as strong missionaries in their community. They are so dear to Caiden and me; we hope to have them participate in our wedding. 

Nina was a normal happy young lady until she got sick. She locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out to eat or use the bathroom. She didn’t comb her hair and her nails grew out like talons. After some time, Nina finally came out of her room but chose to lay on the floor all day, only barely eating. Nina would have been without hope but Noy is Nina’s relative. Noy, having recently experienced demon possession and Overcoming Power herself brought church members to Nina’s home for prayer.

ImageDuring the first visit, Nina sat motionless on the floor. She wouldn’t speak and stared straight ahead. Her mother, a medium, had tied many Buddhist strings on her wrist as a way of ‘healing’ her. After teaching and praying, the pastors asked permission to cut the strings. Her parents agreed and the threads were snipped. 

In the following weeks we have been back to see Nina. She is slowing improving. She has begun eating more and gained enough strength to leave her home to go out to buy things. She now speaks to her family members and interacts with a few other people. Though her mother is not interested in Christianity, her father has decided that he would like to learn more about God, the One who is healing his daughter. 

I could share more stories of demon possession but the point is that the war between God and Satan, between Good and Evil, has already been won. Jesus says “Be not afraid, I have overcome the world. (John 16:32). We praise Him for each victory; for each one set free. Pray for Noy and Nina that they will grow stronger and live their lives as examples of the love that only comes from Overcoming Power. 


About adaraabroad

Adara Hadriel lives in Southeast Asia teaching English and doing community outreach among the Tai-Kadai people. She is married to a Tai-Kadai Christian pastor, Caiden. Because they live in a 'Creative-Access Country', or a country unfriendly to evangelism, names of people and places have been changed.
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