Investments for Eternity

I’ve been living and working among the Tai Kadai now for five years. Hmmmm….doesn’t seem like that long.  Looking back over the blog posts I see a change in myself and in many of the people I’ve met. I’ve shared stories about a few of them with you; perhaps you’d like to know what happened since the story.

Back in September 2010, I wrote about Georgina. She learned of Jesus’ love through our teachers. She decided, against her family’s wishes, to become a Christian and went on to attend our Christian University nearby. She has come back in the last two months to teach and minister in our school. We’re proud of our graduate and her life change and choices!

In January 2013, I wrote about Nisa, the little girl from my apartment complex. Though I’ve moved twice since then, we haven’t lost contact. She was the flower girl in my wedding and still comes to church with me every week. She recently joined Adventure club and is learning a lot about God. I’m also proud to say she’s learning a bit of English. I hear “hold on, Adara” all the time! Guess I should watch what I say!

In March 2014, we held a countrywide youth camp. One of young people who attended, Nut, came back to our city to join an intensive program that trains youth in mission for 6 months and then sends them back to their village for 6-plus months of service. This week Nut and 11 others were commissioned and will be taking what they’ve learned back to their villages. Pray for them!

Honey, who I’ve written about numerous times, got a new job so she works a lot. We don’t see her much anymore. A few weeks ago, one of our teachers felt a surprising boldness one day after praying and went and talked with Honey. That conversation has resulted in Honey starting to study the Bible with that teacher. Her first organized Bible study! Pray for a way to continue those Bible studies since that teacher is returning to her home country next week.

Noy from December 2014 has since moved to a small house outside of town. The family’s business is doing well and she’s gaining confidence to share the Gospel. She and another young lady started leading out in a Bible study in their community.

Lou from the June 10, 2015 post can see spirits and refers to them as her friends. The spirits were telling her that they were glad one of our teammates had gone home so she wouldn’t hear any more about Jesus. They also told her that if she would just surrender to them they would take away her pain. We as a team set aside a day to pray for her last month. Lou informed us that since that day, she could still hear them but she could no longer see them. She got scared and asked us to stop praying for her because she missed them.

I have so many memories of people who have come into my life since I came to work among the Tai Kadai; I’m thankful for each one. I’m also reminded of the time, energy and emotional investments in people we’ve met. Like any place and time in life, no matter the country, there are life investments.  These investments represent the value the people hold in our lives. Many of these investments also remind me that the task is so far from finished.

…but let us not lose heart in doing good; for in due time, if we do not faint, we shall reap. Galatians 6:9 (Darby Bible Translation)

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About adaraabroad

Adara Hadriel lives in Southeast Asia teaching English and doing community outreach among the Tai-Kadai people. She is married to a Tai-Kadai Christian pastor, Caiden. Because they live in a 'Creative-Access Country', or a country unfriendly to evangelism, names of people and places have been changed.
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