Prayer Unites Us Worldwide

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated. Life has been flying by at hyper speed and I can’t believe it’s the end of November already!

Our Bible study group took a break while teachers returned to their home countries. We’ve regrouped. Our new, smaller groups seem to be more dedicated and more deeply touched by the studies. They’re taking things to heart and are making life changes.class

Nong, who I wrote about in June, did a persuasive presentation in his English class recently about why God is real, using the story of creation we had studied along with some scientific facts. He is also trying to live out the truths he’s learned such as not lying. His friendships are being affected because of his convictions, but he isn’t giving up. Pray for Nong as he searches deeply, that he will find proof for believe and the peace he craves.

Another lady, Molly, has voiced repeatedly that, since starting Bible studies, she’s had such explainable happiness. She has seen some answers to her prayers too. She prayed for a change in her nephew’s cell phone use habits. The next week, the teacher in his school banned cell phones use in the classroom. She has also been able to quit gambling, though she’s tried many times in the past. Please pray for Molly; she isn’t yet ready to stand for what’s she learning.

Bleu, one of Caiden’s former students, has poured himself into his new found beliefs. He’s sharing with his co-workers though they laugh at him. Between his all-day job and his all-night job, he can usually be found at the church reading. He is working Sabbaths currently but has been praying for a new job so that he can keep Sabbath and be able to come to church.

Pray for Bleu. He had an accident in the company car and is supporting himself, his brother in school and his parents at home on less than $100/month while his company deducts his pay. Pray for God to bless him financially, that he’ll be able to find a new job with Sabbath off, and that he won’t give up on God.

Ministry among the Tai Kadai is only possible through prayer and faith. Thank you for your prayers for our Bible students. May we ask one more prayer from you? Pray for Caiden and me as we jump on the parental bandwagon in April 2016.


Editor’s note: Prayers are a vital part of supporting the Caiden and Adara’s ministry. If you would like to support financially, please make a gift or become a monthly supporter at



About adaraabroad

Adara Hadriel lives in Southeast Asia teaching English and doing community outreach among the Tai-Kadai people. She is married to a Tai-Kadai Christian pastor, Caiden. Because they live in a 'Creative-Access Country', or a country unfriendly to evangelism, names of people and places have been changed.
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