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God Provides–We’re So Thankful

As we started a new year, it hit me how much God has truly blessed in past year. God provides. We can’t argue with the evidence. And we’re so thankful. So we can’t help but share with those around us and with … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Stop His Plan

Recently our church’s youth department hosted a Tai-Kadai weekend campout in the woods. But nothing ever happens easily or as planned. The truth of the matter: God’s ways are always the best. We have been planning this campout for several … Continue reading

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Vacation: A Little Taste of Heaven

Having time off from work to travel is like Heaven for me! I just returned from a delightful vacation in the south of Tai-Kadai. The city I visited is set along the Mekong River, surrounded by mountains. Though it’s a … Continue reading

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Heaven’s Attendance at Our Church

I’m sure there was a big party in Heaven last Sabbath, even bigger than the one we had here. We celebrated thirteen people giving their lives to Jesus, people of all ages, from 9 year-olds to grandparents. Some I didn’t … Continue reading

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Thanks for the 1-day Plague

You know the feeling:  your legs feel as strong as cardboard, your equilibrium is as sturdy as a toothpick Tower of Pisa, and your stomach is in an enraged battle with itself (outcome yet to be determined). You’re sweating like … Continue reading

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Discovering Saving Grace

Have you ever watched a child on Christmas morning discover the presents under the tree?  Or a surprise visit from a  favorite friend? Then, you know the joy of bright- eyed excitement they exude. I witnessed such an event this … Continue reading

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My view meets Worldview

I’m settling into living here. It’s nice to be able to consider myself a capable, working citizen of Southeast Asia. Obviously, my blue eyes, 5′ 7” stature, and white skin will always make me a foreigner, but I’m learning that … Continue reading

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